CComtal Groupomtal Technologies and Engineering Group has decades of experience in various fields of technology.
The group represents leading manufacturers in their fields from countries all across the world and offers products and services for a variety of industries. By developing a synergy between the different companies that comprise the group,

we have become a one-stop-shop for our clients.
Our goal is to be a leader in provision of services that incorporate innovation and advanced technologies for the entire value chain in different industries.
Comtal is located in the Intergreen Building in Petah Tikva, Israel.
The companies in the group are known for their ability to respond quickly to business developments and for their flexibility in all areas of activity, as well as their expertise in business and financial development.
The group includes the following companies:

Comtal Group



Founded in 1972.
Specializes in Automation. Motion & Control, Mechanics, development of engineering solutions.
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Abiry Technologies

Founded in 1979.
Marketing, sales and consulting provider for components, motion control, positioning control and creative solutions for the motion industry.
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Hortal Machinery

Founded in 1972.
Sales, marketing, service, training, maintenance & installation provider for machine tools (CNC) , metal sheet, laser machines, grinding machines and bar feeders.
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Humphrey Automation

Joined Comtal in 2001.
Specializes in Import, marketing and sales of  Pneumatic products, automation and hydraulic products – Located in Canada.
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Founded in 1990.
Represent the most leading manufacturers around the globe Semiconductor, nanofabrication, process equipment, micro assembly and materials.
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Founded in 1980.
Specializes in Import, Marketing and sales of analytic equipment for research institutions, medical companies, bio technology, chemical industry and more.
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Promote Parking Systems

Promote Parking SystemsFounded in 1993, Promote is a veteran leader in Israel of mechanical and automated parking solutions. To date, the company has installed thousands of parking systems in hundreds of projects throughout Israel. Promote is the exclusive representative in Israel of German firm WOHR, a world leader in its field. WOHR has supplied 400,000 parking systems and boasts a worldwide reputation for innovation, ease of use, reliability and safety. Promote joined the Comtal Group in 2015, benefiting from the Group's logistics system, service department and the technical support of an array of highly skilled technicians.
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InsupcoDeals with design and integration of military tactical shelters, vehicles packaging, electric boards, electric communication and fiber optics. The Systems Div. have developed a unique product conversion of  standard sea-freight container  into EMI/RFI shielded shelter. The Division organizational structure allows meeting & satisfying  customers’  needs in terms of  flexibility, timely responses and short deliveries. Insupco is ISO9001-2008 certified.specializes in convenience equipment and vertical accessibility.
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Founded in 2007, exclusively represents in Israel DONG YANG PARK, one of the largest automated parking solution companies in South Korea.arketing, sales and consulting provider for components, motion control, positioning control and creative solutions for the motion industry.

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